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You buy art - we buy golden visas.

We are offering 5555 NFTs for sale. Among these works are 16 originals. The remaining 5539 works are collectibles that our script has made based on the originals. The sale of the individual works takes place covertly - anyone who buys an NFT does not know beforehand which one it is. Exactly 24 hours after the sale or 7 days after the launch, you will find out which work you have bought. Then you can keep it or sell it on OpenSea.

The GoldenNFT Collection is the first in history NFT collection that will translate into Golden Visa for refugees.

Every day, people are making their way to the EU. Those who have no money are arrested at the external borders and detained in camps; those who are rich can easily buy their residence permit with a Golden Visa.

With the sell-out of our collection, we buy Golden Visas for a family from Afghanistan. All proceeds go towards the purchase of the Golden Visas, the artists have donated their works. From each resale of the works, we receive 10%, which we also use completely for the purchase of the next Golden Visas.

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Get a unique NFT from our GoldenNFT collection and help us trade the borders away!

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In addition to the purchase price, each transaction costs a kind of processing fee (TX fee). This fee depends, among other things, on the workload of the Ethereum network. We have no influence on the amount of this fee, nor do we receive anything from it. (More on the topic see below)

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Transaction Fees explained in Detail

What is gas?
To be successful, every transaction on the Ethereum network must be validated by a third party. These third parties are called miners, they validate your transaction in exchange for a payment. This payment is the transaction fee (TX fee). This fee is calculated from the amount of gas needed for the transaction (gas limit) and the current gas price.

How is the transaction fee (TX fee) that I have to pay calculated at the end?
Two factors determine the fee (TX fee) you have to pay. The first factor is that transactions on the Ethereum network can vary in complexity. If you send ETH to a friend, it's a simple transaction. When you buy an NFT from us, it's based on a more complex smart contract. The smart contract consists of several computing operations. Each computation operation costs a fee (gas). The more complex a Smart Contract is, the more computing operations it contains, the more gas units it costs to execute the Smart Contract. The amount of estimated gas units per execution is the gas limit. The second factor is the load on the network. The more people execute transactions, the more expensive it becomes. This is the gas price. The maximum gas price determines the maximum you are willing to pay to validate your transaction.

Why is this so expensive?
It's because of the load on the network. Metamask calculates a maximum gas price based on the complexity of our smart contract and the network load, which should validate the transaction in a few minutes. Metamask sets this very generously. In general, it ends up costing less. Unfortunately, no one can predict exactly how much it will cost. The only thing that is certain is that your gas limit is the maximum amount. It can't get more expensive. Most of the time it gets cheaper.

I still don't understand...
Think of it like a party. The gas limit is the number of cases of beer you buy at the liquor store. The gas price is the price per crate of beer. Now you know what you would have to pay if everything was drunk. Most of the time there is some left over, which goes back to the liquor store and you only pay for what was actually drunk -> this is your TX-Fee. If you order too little beer in advance and there are too many guests, you have a problem -> the transaction fails.

Metamask shows me a maximum gas price of several thousand euros!!!!
If the maximum gas price is that high, it's usually because you don't have enough ETH in your wallet to complete the transaction. This leads to an error that displays an absurdly high maximum gas price, among other things.

How can I calculate my transaction fee?
You can monitor the current gas price at Executing our smart contract costs slightly more than an "uniswap swap", the cost of which you can find on the site. This is not a prediction of the future, but it gives you an idea of the current costs.

Who gets this fee?
The gas you pay goes entirely to the miners. That is, to those who validate your transaction. We don't get any of it.

But Metamask says you guys set the gas price...
That's only half true. Metamask calculates a maximum gas price based on the complexity of our smart contract and the load on the network, which should validate the transaction in a few minutes. We have no influence on this amount. It is indeed also calculated by the complexity of our smart contract, but the current utilisation of the Ethereum network has the real influence.

Should I change the gas limit in Metamask myself?
If you know what you're doing, sure. But then you probably wouldn't be reading this text. If you have little experience, leave the settings as they are. Because a too low gas limit can cause your transaction to fail after hours or days. Then you don't get an NFT and still pay a fee.