Freedom of Movement is a Capitalist Right




havewesucceededinbuyingthegoldevisayet.gif is a HQ 4K Status GIF. The current status is No. The GIF will be exchanged to Yes in the smart contract as soon as the Golden Visa is secured.

havewesucceededinbuyingthegoldevisayet.gif is part of a series of NFTs by artists to help secure Golden Visas for refugees via the European residency by investment scheme

Photo from Refugee Camp in Lesbos by Milad E.
Graphics support by Rahel Arnold, Zurich
"NO!" font animation uses blotter.js library


!Mediengruppe Bitnik is an artist duo consisting of Domagoj Smoljo and Carmen Weisskopf who work on and with the Internet. Their practice expands from the digital to physical space, often intentionally applying loss of control to challenge established structures and mechanisms. !Mediengruppe Bitnik’s works formulate fundamental questions concerning contemporary issues. In the past they have been known to subvert surveillance cameras, bug an opera house and broadcast its performances outside, send a parcel containing a camera to Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, and physically glitch a building.

Their works have been shown internationally, most recently in exhibitions at CAC Shanghai, LOAF Kyoto, Annka Kultys Gallery London, House of Electronic Arts Basel, Aksioma Ljubljana, Kunsthaus Zurich, FACT Liverpool, Onassis Cultural Center Athens, Public Access Gallery Chicago, Nam June Paik Art Center South Korea, Shanghai Minsheng 21st Century Museum, The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts Moscow, Beijing Contemporary Art Biennial and the Tehran Roaming Biennial.